My recollections of childhood are of a magical time immersed in nature; exploring country lanes, communing with trees, wildflowers, all creatures great and small. I can recall the exact moment, at around the age of 7, when the realisation dawned that I had a mind. Mum and Dad were religious and taught me to believe in God. What came with the realisation of mind was also a "direct knowing" that it really doesn´t matter what we believe; whatever it is, life experience will conform to that belief. As a teenager in the 1960s, concerns about the way we were destroying nature led to university study in the field of Ecology. Around this time, I read "A Blueprint for Survival" and "Silent Spring"; both of which awoke an urgent sense that humanities relationship with nature had to change. Shortly afterwards, life gifted me with the experience that there is a universal, conscious, radiant energy expressing itself throughout nature, which in turn, following a period when I lost my way, naturally led to an ongoing spiritual path. As an adult, my career choice was in the field of Community Development. Working mainly working within the "system" to effect change, I have come to believe that historically we are in a period of great transition, and that this is mainly taking place outside of the system. As well as writing, I enjoy being a jazz musician (double bass), gardening, bird-watching and and am a founder member of Preston Rage (Residents Against Greenspace Extinction).

I am available for workshops, presentations and groupwork.

Stuart Price, Preston, Lancashire, UK.