According to biblical mythology, Armageddon refers to a decisive or final battle between the forces of good and evil, paving the way for the emergence of a world saviour. The three world "religions of the book" are united in this belief. Within Christianity, the world saviour refers to the second coming of Christ, for Islam it is the Imam Mahdi, while Judaism still awaits the Messiah.

The earliest known prediction of the end of the world occurred in 66AD. The Essene sect believed that the uprising against the Roman occupation of Judea would herald the coming of the messiah. Since then, there have been thousands of similar predictions and little has changed, other than that the end of the world is beginning to look ever more likely, possibly due to climate change, species extinction, social breakdown or global war.

One of the more interesting recent prophecies is that of the Universal Link Revelation. In April 1961, Richard Grave was engaging in a bit of DIY in his new rented home in Worthing when a "bearded Christlike figure" suddenly appeared to him; the first of many such apparitions informing Grave of the imminent reappearance of Christ due to humanities dire condition (source). The story was picked up in the May 1961 edition of "Psychic News", and it rapidly became clear that it was not only Grave with whom the presence had communicated. Rather, a being identifying itself as "limitless love and truth" was simultaneously communicating with many worldwide, leading to a global network of Universal Link groups. To Grave, the being gave the following message: "No one can know the day nor the hour of my coming, or when the great Universal Revelation will be enacted; however by Christmas morning 1967, I will have revealed myself through the medium of nuclear evolution. This is my Plan which is absolute." (source)

Within the Universal Link network, this was widely interpreted to mean that the world would come to the brink of nuclear war and, at the moment that the button was pressed, rather than the planet and all of us disintegrating into a lethal fireball, the universal link revelation would occur and many people would find themselves experiencing a state of "higher consciousness"; a realisation of the mind-based illusory nature of the separate self. The general consensus was that rather than the messiah appearing as a single individual to lead humanity into the promised new age, it would be a whole group of people performing that function.

While we clearly survived 1967, it was indeed a momentous year; the world´s first heart transplant, mass availability of colour TVs, the first major oil pollution incident as the Torrey Canyon ran aground at Lands End, first recorded use of the term "personal computer" by Hewlett-Packard, the 6 day war in the middle east and the first live global satellite broadcast of The Beatles performing "All You Need Is Love" to an audience of 400 million. While this latter clearly has immense symbolic significance, there was another event that perhaps puts a more contemporary meaningful interpretation to the Universal Link and a post-Armageddon global society.

Described as the First "Human Be-In", the Gathering of The Tribes was a January 1967 event in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Widely understood to be the definitive event that launched and established the highest aspects of the core values of the worldwide hippy movement and the "dawn of the age of aquarius", the tribes that gathered were essentially three in number; three interlinked strands of culture that are of immense significance to the crises and challenges that we face today. Firstly, a back-to-nature movement had seen more than a million young Americans, mainly young, middle class and college-educated, leave their homes in the suburbs and cities to seek a life more in tune with the natural world; growing their own food, generating sustainable energy and living a simpler lifestyle closer to the Earth, in harmonious co-existence with other life forms. Secondly, the "truth seekers" were those who derived meaning from a rapid influx of Eastern spiritual practices, emphasising direct personal spiritual experience rather than belief in a distant patriarchal God, combined with Western developments in psychotherapy that occurred during this decade. Thirdly, the "New Left"; a coalition of student political movements for social justice focussed on issues such as the anti-war movement, a rebellion against capitalist excess, women´s liberation, civil rights and new models of participative democracy, amongst others.

The fusion and widespread adoption of these three strands... all of them... perhaps precisely represents a blueprint that can carry us through the Armageddon scenario that we now face. Currently, it is becoming ever more visible that there is a global endeavour by dark forces to attempt to create a new dictatorial world order characterised by climate change denial, unrestrained profit-led abuse of the natural world, dismantling of peaceful co-operative alliances between nations, loss of civil liberties & control over personal data, fostering of hostility between peoples, fake news, undermining of democracy, disregard for the law and suppression of a free press.

The forces of a new age for all humanity are alive within every individual person of goodwill from any or all background, culture and belief; the millions of us who aspire to something better, who don´t want to bomb the shit out of ordinary people like us in some foreign country, who want to live in peace, harmony and well-being with ourselves and our neighbours, who like flowers, art, music, beauty, are saddened by the destruction of nature, who are concerned for the plight of the homeless & refugees, and who think about the deeper issues of life. For them... for us... we envisage and seek to create a very different kind of new world order.

One of these 2 alternative scenarios will inevitably triumph and will be determined by the choices, actions and values that we enact today.

"By their fruits you will know them". The Bible
"What actions are most excellent? To gladden the heart of human beings, to feed the hungry, to help the afflicted, to lighten the sorrow of the sorrowful, and to remove the sufferings of the injured." The Quran
"As a tree is known by its fruit, so man by his works". The Talmud

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Essay: A Gathering of The Tribe. Who are the missionaries from the more beautiful world? Could it be us?