The Global Transition

The world as we know it, established during the last great transition of the 18th century Industrial Revolution, is based on a number of core beliefs; the principal one being that each of us is a separate self-contained entity; separate from everything outside of the boundary of the physical body, separate from other human beings against whom we must protect ourselves, and separate from nature, which exists for us to use and exploit in any way, irrespective of the consequences. This is a narrative, paradigm, or "story in the mind" that many people subscribe to. Read Full Article

Between Worlds

82 page online graphical interactive magazine with links to many websites, articles and videos. It begins with a 10 to 1 countdown of the major threats facing humanity, before outlining a series of potential solutions to these, in the areas of Politics, Economics, Education, Science, Psychology and Community. Opens in a separate tab and best viewed in a large screen format. Open Link


According to biblical mythology, Armageddon refers to a decisive or final battle between the forces of good and evil, paving the way for the emergence of a world saviour. This article offers an interpretation based on the growth of a worldwide movement of people of goodwill oriented to right relations with the natural world, a belief in social justice for all and a personal commitment to self-awareness. Read Full Article

Leadership for a New Era

The current system of UK democracy has neither changed in its fundamental structure, nor the essential style of political leadership, since the Industrial Revolution (1730-1750 approx), although becoming progressively more inclusive and participatory, while the US Constitutional system was established shortly thereafter in 1787. Both systems might now be considered to be in a moment of crisis. Read Full Article

Education For Life

Every entrant to the teaching profession is taught that the most important aspect in working with people is the person-centred principle: every situation involving the needs of people conforms to three basic truths. Firstly, every person is unique and different from everyone else. Secondly, every situation that every person experiences will also be unique and different from that facing anyone else. Finally, the path to resolution of individual challenges and opportunities will also be unique. The difficulty is that the employers of these professionals and the regulatory bodies governing the professions, governmental bureaucracies, operate according to entirely different principles. Read Full Article

Politics of Community Development

No one individual, organisation or political perspective has all the solutions to all the problems and challenges that we collectively face at all levels of our community life. However, the whole community itself; the collective summation of interests, intelligence, skills, perspectives and experience of all community members, most definitely does have. One solution to liberating this potential is to enable and allow a process of "community development" and co-creation between the Community and the statutory bodies. Read Full Article

Sycamore Lodge: A Case Study

This was not the only resident who woke up one May morning to find that, without any warning, their lives had suddenly changed... and not for the better. With no notice, consultation or planning consent, men had turned up with bulldozers and chain-saws and proceeded to wreak destruction on this valued area of natural beauty; destroying trees at the height of nesting season, transforming the glades & hedgerows into rubble, driving the deer onto busy roads and, in one insane act of mindless vandalism, ripping the heart and soul out of this quiet, friendly community. Anyone questioning their actions was met with threats. Welcome to UK New Housing Development in action... Read Full Article

The Money Tree

The incessant urge to make more and more money, to elevate continuous economic growth above all other values irrespective of the consequences, is creating a global climate and environmental crisis that threatens us all. At least it·s creating that panacea for all ills... jobs... so we are told. However, the truth is that in many developed countries, up to 45% of employee absenteeism is because of mental health issues, with financial and job insecurity the leading cause of this. But surely, someone somewhere, the wealthy, are benefitting from this? Alas, no. Read Full Article

The Future of Work

What if... rather than being trained to be obedient slaves to the well-being of our financial masters, we were instead guided towards finding and expressing our unique personal gifts, those things that would make us truly happy and that would serve the evolutionary well-being of ourselves, each other and the natural world, would things really be so bad? In fact, would you or anyone you know actually object to this? Read Full Article

Growing a New Self

Happiness and unhappiness are not found in things. They are states of mind that are determined by our thoughts and feelings. The way that the world works and the way that we each individually relate to it, is basically the product of a story or narrative by which we tell ourselves what we think is real. Change the story and our lives change. To do this means firstly to become conscious of the personal and collective stories to which we subscribe. Read Full Article

The Industrial Revolution

We tend to look on the transition of the industrial revolution in terms of technology, lifestyle and economic patterns. However, underpinning the physical, structural and social changes that took place, there was also taking place an intellectual and philosophical revolution that introduced new ideas and ways of thinking into the collective consciousness; a movement we now call "the enlightenment". These ideas have become so embedded into our culture that we rarely question whether they are any longer appropriate or true, even though they still deeply influence our society. Read Full Article

Systemic Change: Governance

The political process starts with the community itself. For most people, the issues that they want politicians to address are those that affect them personally and directly. The Local Government Association now recognises that communities benefit directly from greater involvement in the way local services are delivered, citing 19 specific advantages on issues that the current system is increasingly struggling with, including enhancing well-being, reducing costs and improving services. The implication is clear: everyone benefits when political power is restored to communities. Read Full Article

Regenerative Group Development 1

The old story can be framed as a"from the top down model". Change is sought by trying to persuade, or demand, that the levels higher up the hierarchy embody the agenda that progressive groups seek to manifest. The new emerging models, comprising a new story, vastly magnified in effectiveness by the advent of the internet & social media, operate "from the bottom up", as new groupings organically coalesce around a shared vision, principle or idea. In this model, what holds the group together is the connections made between people. Read Full Article

Regenerative Group Development 2

The rapid rise of Extinction Rebellion; an international alliance of committed and concerned individuals, has exploded into public awareness with a never before seen output of actions, characterised by extraordinary levels of imagination, creativity, impact, individual commitment and organisational integrity; all this within a ridiculously short time-span, of just a few months from inception to coherent planet-wide expression. The group are organised on "Holacratic" principles. Read Full Article

Legacy Of The 1960s

Substance gave way to Style in the 1970s. The peaceful benevolent influence of psychedelia turned into a more sinister emphasis on hard drugs and benign ideas of a liberal socio-political radicalism gave way to the values of the market and the pre-eminence of the bottom line. Fast forwarding to today finds a growing mainstream awareness that we are, in fact, facing not just threats from environmental destruction, horrific crimes of violence, global food shortages, financial instability, terrorist outrages, to mention just a few.. but rather a wholesale collapse of a geo-political & materialistic way of life. Perhaps the dream of the Age of Aquarius might still be viable? Read Full Article

The Law of Attraction

From the beginning of the twentieth century until the present day, the Law of Attraction has been closely associated with techniques for generating financial success in business, as well as the manifestation of any other desire we might have; possessions, experiences, qualities of character etc., especially the type of society that we live in. It is said that Bill Gates studied "The Master Key" by Charles Haanel prior to creating Microsoft. More importantly, being able to visualise the type of culture and civilisation we would like to see in the world is the first step towards helping it come to pass. Read Full Article