"When the Earth is sick and dying, there will come a tribe of people from all races, who will put their faith in deeds, not words, and will make the planet green again. " Cree native american prophecy.

Can you feel it? Perhaps you're concerned about urgent climate change warnings? Perhaps you've noticed that there is anger, confusion & stress everywhere? Perhaps you're saddened that nature & wildlife are under threat? Perhaps you've realised that politicians seem unable to address these things? Perhaps you're wondering where it's all leading to?

A Great Change

Our current society, the way we are organised & governed, the way we think, live, work and learn, was established during the last great transition; the Industrial Revolution of the 18th Century. That way of being can no longer address the challenges we now face. Majority scientific opinion and knowledge of climate change, species extinction and damage to the natural world, tells us that we must have established a new way of living by 2030 or else we will all perish. This is not to be feared. All around the world, including locally, people of goodwill who are concerned about these issues and desire radical change are connecting together to learn what we can do to be part of the new world that is emerging. All are invited to connect with this network.

Contents Issue 1

The Global Transition

The transition is principally a change in our awareness of what it means to be a fully functioning human being, in right relationship with each other and with nature.

Legacy of The 1960s

A long read. We might laugh at the idea of flared trousers, making love not war, dropping LSD and the dawn of the age of aquarius. Or maybe not...

Regenerative Group Development

The Transition Network highlights that the key to creating healthy group culture is identifying, cultivating and integrating ways of supporting connection.

Air Pollution Emergency

Incontrovertible, deadly... and central to the complex web of dysfunctionality that underpins the crisis of the modern world; demanding of radical change.