"I think we´re going to see a series of crisis moments, each one more severe than the last. And at each crisis moment, we´ll have a collective choice. Do we give up the game and join the people, or do we hold on even tighter? It´s really up to us to determine at what point this wake-up call will happen. " Charles Eisenstein.

A Great Opportunity

Look at any newspaper, digital newsfeed or TV news today and we are assailed by a global horror story of escalating violence, unrest, corruption, misery, abuse, inequality and extremes of human suffering & cruelty. Set this against a backdrop of dire warnings of climate change, species extinction & systemic collapse and it´s clear that, by necessity, the world is undergoing a historic & painful transition; an initiation into a new way of being. Our current society, the way we are organised & governed, the way we think, live, work and learn, was established during the last great transition; the Industrial Revolution of the 18th Century. The new order is steadily evolving through a rapidly integrating network of world servers & people of goodwill, from all cultures, beliefs and backgrounds. This process is now accelerating. No-one is in charge, it is not being centrally directed and is not ideologically driven. Rather it is growing within the hearts & minds of all who respond to the call of the times; a global awakening of love of life.

Contents Issue 2

Regenerative Group Development 2

Second part of this series looks at the principles of Holacracy; an approach to group organisation that holds the potential to unlock and liberate creativity.

The Future of Work

In our current society, the economic system largely defines work. In a future world, work could be defined by a vocational & social evolutionary response.

Growing a New Self

Conventional thinking tends to frame the response to the climate emergency as change "out there". But it is "in here" that made the mess!!

New Models of Governance

Polls show that most people, 90% or more, no longer believe that most politicians act in the public interest for the common good. Time for a change?