"One way or another, humanity is headed for the third great transformation in its history: either in the form of global collapse or a metamorphosis to a new foundation for sustainable flourishing. Jeremy Lent

A recent Ipsos Mori survey (June 2019) reveals that a vast majority of Britons, a staggering 79%, believe that the country is "on the wrong track" (source); and that figure is getting worse. While detailed reasons for this view are mixed, what cannot be denied is that such levels of national pessimism must be deeply concerning to us all. After all, "energy follows thought" and the type of society that we are bequeathing to future generations will be a product of what we are collectively visualising, and thereby building, today. The basic editorial stance of Changing Times is that our current society, in deep trouble, is in the dying stages of a pattern of human living established during the last great transition of The Industrial Revolution. That pattern is no longer able to address the multiple problems we now face; especially the twin spectres of Climate Change and Species Extinction. The pattern can be described as a "narrative" or story describing what it means to be a human being in structural relationships to other human beings. This issue of the online magazine looks in detail at the part of the structural narrative concerned with the relationship between ordinary people and the statutory bodies that deliver local services; how a growing global movement of positive thinking for the future can enter into collaborative co-creation with the powers-that-be.

Issue 3 Contents

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is concerned with the fact that one attracts into one´s life whatever one thinks about and imagines

Citizens Forum

A suggested framework for a new type of initiative to work in partnership with local government to address crisis issues.

Education For Life

Is the current system of education preparing children for a sustainable future world, or for a society that is no longer viable?

Politics of Community Development

One solution to creating a better world is to enable and allow a process of co-creation between the Community and the Council.