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Issue 3, Summer 2019

  • Issue 3 Homepage. Time to change course before its too late?.
  • The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is concerned with the fact that one attracts into one´s life whatever one thinks about and imagines.
  • The Citizens Forum. A suggested framework for a new type of initiative to work in partnership with local government to address crisis issues.
  • Education For Life. Is the current system of education preparing children for a sustainable future world, or for a society that is no longer viable?
  • Politics of Community Development. One solution to creating a better world is to enable and allow a process of co-creation between the Community and the Council.

Issue 2, May 2019

  • Issue 2 Homepage. The darkest hour is just before the dawn.
  • The Future of Work. In our current society, the economic system largely defines work. In a future world, work could be defined by a vocational & social evolutionary response.
  • Growing a New Self. Conventional thinking tends to frame the response to the climate emergency as change "out there". But it is the "in here" that made the mess!!
  • Regenerative Group Development 2. Second part of this series looks at the principles of Holacracy; an approach to group organisation that holds the potential to unlock and liberate creativity.
  • New Models of Governance. Polls show that most people, 90% or more, no longer believe that most politicians act in the public interest for the common good. Time for a change?

Issue 1, Spring 2019

  • Issue 1 Homepage. The end of the world, or the birth of a new global era? The choice of our times.
  • The Global Transition. The transition is principally a change in our awareness of what it means to be a fully functioning human being, in right relationship with ourselves, each other and with nature.
  • Legacy of the 1960s. We might laugh at the idea of flared trousers, making love not war, dropping LSD and the dawn of the age of aquarius. Or maybe not...
  • Regenerative Group Development. The Transition Network highlights that the key to creating healthy group culture is identifying, cultivating and integrating ways of supporting connection.
  • Air Pollution Emergency. Incontrovertible, deadly... and central to the complex web of dysfunctionality that underpins the crisis of the modern world; demanding of radical change.